Campus Heart is the name for the University’s development programme to transform the spaces and services on Tyndall Avenue, creating opportunities for staff, students and our local community to come together to learn and study, get help and support, be social and just relax.

Why is it needed?

In 2015-16 we co-created a bold and exciting University strategy that encompasses a whole range of ambition.

We listened to what students and staff asked for – more space at the centre to work quietly, to share ideas and relax with each other.

Campus Heart is part of the way we are delivering the priorities of the University strategy by transforming the space, and the relationships that happen in and around the buildings.

When is it happening?

Our plans are ambitious, and it can’t all happen overnight. It’s going to take us at least five years to transform our space.

You will start to see new spaces opening up for you to use and enjoy over the months and years ahead.

The Garden Café at Hawthorns is already open and the better equipped gym in the Sports Centre opens for business in September and officially opens in October. By then we will also have started to transform Senate House to provide new teaching spaces and new, dedicated spaces for current students and staff.

At every stage we will keep you informed and there will be opportunities to get involved.

Make this yours

Students and staff have told us they need more space, more opportunities to connect and a greater sense of belonging. We’ve listened.

Whether you’re a student, member of staff or you live nearby, there will be many opportunities to get involved in shaping the changes.

We are committed to involving staff, students and our local community every step of the way. Find out how you can get involved.